A suite of tools that gives back time to developers

OpenReplay is a session replay platform for understanding and surfacing issues in web applications. It helps developers spend less time debugging and empowers them to create delightful web experiences.

Session Replay

See everything users do on your web app, down to the smallest detail. Understand all frustrations and visually get to the "why" of every issue.
  • See where users are struggling
  • Surface the most impactful issues
  • Retain and delight customers

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No more asking for bug reports and screenshots. DevTools provides you with the full context so you can understand the state of your web application at any point in time and get to the root cause of any issue.
  • Stop guessing why bugs happen
  • Track network logs, application's state and errors
  • Reproduce issues as if they happened in your own browser

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Performance Monitoring

Keep an eye on your app's performance by monitoring critical metrics and get a sense of what's impacting conversion and engagement.
  • Proactively surface key technical issues
  • Track slowdowns, crashes and resource consumption

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Engage users when they're most likely to convert, with live session replays. Visually guide them to a resolution with co-browsing, annotations and voice/video capabilities.
  • Cut handle times with an in-person experience
  • No more meeting links, downloads or frustrations

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Integrate your tools with OpenReplay and sync your backend logs with session replays for deeper contextual insight.

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Host OpenReplay on your own infrastructure and be in full control of what's captured and processed.


No more lengthy compliance and security checks. Deploy it on your servers and avoid unwanted third-party processors.


Adopt the open-source session recording and supercharge OpenReplay by building your own plugins and services.

Gilad Novik
“We went from spending hours debugging some production issues
down to minutes after using OpenReplay.”

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Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.
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Follow our step-by-step guides to deploy OpenReplay on your infrastructure.

OpenReplay Cloud

This is the hosted version of our open-source project. We’ll manage hosting, scaling and upgrades.