OpenReplay vs Hotjar

OpenReplay vs Hotjar: which one best fits your needs?

Hotjar is great for landing pages. OpenReplay is best for those who seek robust debugging and
comprehensive insights for real-world web applications.

Feature breakdown: your guide to choosing

See how OpenReplay's features stack up, helping you decide the best fit for your team’s needs.

Capability OpenReplay
Session Replay
React Native
Tabbed Browsing
Tag & Watch Elements
Canvas / WebGL
Product Analytics
Path Analysis
Tables & Trends
Live sessions
Video Calling
Remote Control
Multi-Session View
Performance Monitoring
Feature Flags
Surveys and Feedback
Coming Soon
Usability Testing
User Interviews
Cloud Plans
Self-Hosted Offering
Source-Code Available

Crack the jar open:
Hotjar's limits to OpenReplay's infinity

Beyond Hotjar's tiered pricing and feature limits, get your own cluster with OpenReplay:
capture as much as you need, keep data as long as you need, and access all features.


Dedicated - Mid-Tier

Scale - Mid-Tier

Web & Mobile combined

starting at: $199 /mo

  • Session Replay
  • DevTools
  • Platform & Security
  • Product Analytics
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Error Tracking
  • Co-Browsing
  • Usability Testing
  • Feature Flags
  • Single sign-on

Web sessions recording only

starting at: $213/mo.

  • Session Replay
  • Product Analytics
  • User Interviews
  • Single sign-on
🔒 Isolated environment 🏢 Shared environment

Beyond behavior analytics:
Full observability with OpenReplay


Find the needle you’re looking for

Craft complex queries with minimal effort. No data point is beyond reach. Use our OmniSearch capabilities to find exactly what you're looking for.


Developer-grade DevTools

Track network issues, analyze resource use, and manage JavaScript errors with detailed insights, all in one place.


Co-browse in real-time

Transform your customer support with live session replays and video calls. OpenReplay's co-browsing feature, powered by webRTC, allows you to interact with customers in real-time, enhancing engagement and resolving issues faster.

See it, believe it, try it now

Session Replay Funnels Usability Analysis

Discover why OpenReplay is the right tool for you

Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.

Self-host Plan


Deploy anywhere & keep full control over your data.

Community Edition Free. Source available
Enterprise Edition Enterprise-grade security and scale.
Cloud Plan


All core features. Get started for free in a few clicks.

Dedicated Dedicated instance. Billed hourly.
Serverless For low or variable traffic.