OpenReplay vs Fullstory

OpenReplay vs FullStory: Control your data and costs

Choose OpenReplay for full control over your data and privacy,
with self-hosting and scalable pricing.

Here's what FullStory does compared to OpenReplay

While FullStory is great for product analytics, OpenReplay lets you connect all your observability,
product analytics and support operations in one place.

Capability OpenReplay
Session Replay
React Native
Tabbed Browsing
Tag & Watch Elements
Canvas / WebGL Limited
Advanced Limited
Live sessions
Video Calling
Remote Control
Multi-Session View
Product Analytics
Path Analysis
Tables & Trends
Performance Monitoring
Feature Flags
Usability Testing
Cloud Plans
Self-Hosted Offering
Source-Code Available

No hidden costs,
no lengthy sales cycles

Enjoy simple and all-in-one pricing with OpenReplay. Why a demo with a sales representative when you can simply try it for yourself?

Session Replay

Dashboards? We've got them. Funnels?
Absolutely. Here's more advanced features


Co-browse in real-time

  • Real-time co-browsing and video calls: Engage with your customers through live sessions replays and video calls (webRTC)
  • Remote control: Guide customers while they’re browsing your site for faster issues resolution.
  • Annotations:Annotate to better onboard users, demo new features or simply helping them out.

Full-fledged DevTools

  • Network activity: Capture payloads, track failing calls and spot missing resources.
  • CPU and memory utilization: Monitor resource utilization, slowdowns, and crashes.
  • Error tracking and management: Catch JavaScript errors and see stacktraces.
Session Replay

Ideal for regulated-first industries

  • Data governance and compliance: Take control of your data for full ownership, security, and compliance.
  • Self-hosting benefits: Deploy OpenReplay on your servers and avoid 3rd party processors.
  • Data security and controls: Our source code is available for audits and contributions.

See it, believe it, try it now

Session Replay Funnels Path Analysis

Discover why OpenReplay is the right tool for you

Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.

Self-host Plan


Deploy anywhere & keep full control over your data.

Community Edition Free. Source available
Enterprise Edition Enterprise-grade security and scale.
Cloud Plan


All core features. Get started for free in a few clicks.

Dedicated Dedicated instance. Billed hourly.
Serverless For low or variable traffic.