Product Analytics

Answer the fundamental questions about user behavior
with analytics and session replay.

Dashboards: where your What, When, Where, and Why come together

See the story behind every interaction, not just the numbers
OpenReplay Dashboards

What you need to understand and improve your product

Create unlimited dashboards, add cards, and set alerts to view data and make informed decisions
  • Conversion Funnels Alert Configuration
  • Heatmaps Alert Configuration
  • User Journey & Path Analysis Alert Configuration
  • Trend Analysis Alert Configuration
  • Issues Alert Configuration
  • JS Errors Alert Configuration
  • Slowest Domains Alert Configuration
  • Sessions by Users Alert Configuration
  • Most Visited Pages Alert Configuration
  • Sessions by Browser Alert Configuration
  • Sessions by Operating System Alert Configuration
  • Country Speed Index Alert Configuration
  • Stickiness Alert Configuration
  • Resource Breakdown Alert Configuration
Alert Configuration
path analysis

Monitor your product’s health with web vitals.

Understand their journey step by step, pinpointing key interactions and decision points. Utilize these insights to optimize pathways for a smoother user experience and improved outcomes.
Dashboards and Metrics

Share data-driven findings in a report format by 1 click PDF export.

Easily export comprehensive reports in PDF format directly from your dashboards and seamlessly share them across with your team.

Deployment Options

Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.

Self-host Plan


Deploy it anywhere and keep full control over your data.

Community Edition Free. Source available
Enterprise Edition Enterprise-grade security and scale.
Cloud Plan


All core features. Get started for free in a few clicks.

Dedicated Dedicated instance. Billed hourly.
Serverless For low or variable traffic.