Assist users while they’re browsing your site, with live session viewing and video calls.
No meeting links, no downloads.

Cobrowse for faster problem resolution and personalized onboarding.

See where your customers are stuck and guide them to a resolution with an in-person-like experience.

All the tools to engage with users when they need you the most and
to solve their issues on the go.

  • List Caret Live session viewing Conversion Funnels
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    Time travel
    Conversion Funnels
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    Video calling
    Conversion Funnels
  • List Caret Remote control Heatmaps
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    User Journey & Path Analysis
  • List Caret Call Recording Trend Analysis
  • List Caret Multi-Live-Session Viewing JS Errors
  • List Caret Logs and Errors JS Errors
Alert Configuration

Deployment Options

Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.

Self-host Plan


Deploy it anywhere and keep full control over your data.

Community Edition Free. Source available
Enterprise Edition Enterprise-grade security and scale.
Cloud Plan


All core features. Get started for free in a few clicks.

Dedicated Dedicated instance. Billed hourly.
Serverless For low or variable traffic.