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Streamline your strategy with key tools including Session Replay, Product Analytics, and Feature Flags,
all designed to enhance user understanding and product success.
Product Analytics
Session Replay

Replay sessions and analyze user behaviour like never before

  • Pinpoint frustrations in replays. Visually determine causes affecting user experience.
  • Create personalized experiences by monitoring sessions based on user type or by any user attributes.
  • Monitor the health of each session. Take notes and report issues directly from the replays.
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Find registered users by entering user id and resolve their sessions
Funnel Analysis
Dashboards and Metrics

Elevate your product strategy with inbuilt analytics.

  • Leverage dynamic dashboards, custom report builder, funnels, trends, retention charts, click maps, tables, and alerts - all in one streamlined package
  • Export dashboards as PDFs with a single click to share insights on Slack, Teams, enhancing communication and accelerating problem resolution.
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Dashboards and Metrics

Control product experience with the power of feature flags

Effortlessly deploy and rollback functionality with precision. Utilize single and multivariate flags for targeted launches based on user attributes like demographics, device info, or custom identifiers.
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Funnel Analysis

OpenReplay's commitment to data security and user privacy

At OpenReplay, security is paramount. We are dedicated to providing a secure environment for your data, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Maximize the value of session replay for every product team member

Explore how session replay can benefit various roles within your product team, providing valuable insights and enhancing collaboration for better product development.

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