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Session replay
you can self-host

Open-source session replay suite, built for developers and self-hosted for full control over your data.

Session Replay

Session Replay

Session Replay

Developer Tools


Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring


Understand every issue,
as if it happened in your own browser

Look under the hood, while watching your users.

Everything developers need to fix what's broken

Full control over your data

A full-featured session replay suite you can self-host, so your customer data never leaves your infrastructure.
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No more sharing of your data with 3rd parties. Have full control over what's captured.
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Stop wasting time on lengthy compliance and security checks.
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Privacy controls
Fine-grained privacy features for sanitizing user data.

Self-Host or Cloud

Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.
Not a big fan of self-deployments? Use our Cloud and get started in minutes.


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OpenReplay Cloud

OpenReplay Cloud is the hosted version of our open-source project. We will manage hosting, scaling and upgrades.

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Source Replay Source


Help us build an open, secure and delightful session replay platform.

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