Session replay

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OpenReplay is an open-source session replay stack that lets you see what users do on your web app, helping you troubleshoot issues faster.

Session Replay

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Plug in your logging tools

Sync your backend logs with your session replays to see what happened front-to-back.

Privacy controls

Fine-grained security features for sanitizing user data.
OpenReplay Privacy

Self Host OR Cloud

Host OpenReplay yourself on your private cloud for a complete control over your data.
Not a big fan of self-deployments? Use our Cloud and get started in minutes.


We're getting better everyday. Features are built based on your direct feedback. Join our community and help us make an open, secure and delightful session replay stack.

Self-Host Deployment

No more security compliance checks and 3rd-parties processing user data. Follow our step-by-step guides for deploying it on your cloud.

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OpenReplay Cloud

For those who want to simply use OpenReplay as a service, get a free account on our cloud offering.