Support agent talking to customer

Accelerate resolution by co-browsing

Improve customer support efficiency and satisfaction with real-time co-browsing, video calling, and
interactive troubleshooting, ensuring quick issue resolution.
Product Analytics
Session Replay

See customer's activity on your website or app in real-time, and quickly identify and understand the issue

Monitor your customers' browsing in real-time. When needed, review past actions in the ongoing session to pinpoint where they encountered issues, allowing you to provide targeted assistance.

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Find registered users by entering user id and resolve their sessions
Funnel Analysis
Co-browse live session

Reduce resolution time by guiding customers interactively

  • Let customers see your cursor move on their screen, making it easier for them to follow your instructions.
  • Avoid misundarstandings and complex explanations by drawing directly on the customer's screen, highlight important areas.
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Dashboards and Metrics

Personalized interactions with in-built video calling

Enhance customer trust and satisfaction with face-to-face interactions, providing a more personalized support experience.
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Live session video calling
Live session remote control features
Dashboards and Metrics

Take actions on behalf of customers upon their consent

  • Elevate your support strategy by taking direct action on the customer's screen, with their explicit permission.
  • OpenReplay's remote control feature enables a hands-on approach to efficent troubleshooting.
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Dashboards and Metrics

Efficient problem resolution with integrated console logs

Instant access to console logs during live sessions enables rapid identification and resolution of technical issues.
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Live session console logs
Live session surveillance
Dashboards and Metrics

Enhanced monitoring and productivity with live session surveillance

Monitor multiple sessions simultaneously and prioritize those requiring immediate attention, enhancing overall support efficiency.

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OpenReplay's commitment to data security and user privacy

At OpenReplay, security is paramount. We are dedicated to providing a secure environment for your data, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Maximize the value of session replay for every product team member

Explore how session replay can benefit various roles within your product team, providing valuable insights and enhancing collaboration for better product development.

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